How do i locate an old ira?

How to find a lost IRA Review your federal tax returns. If you received any tax deductions related to an IRA, this would be reflected in previous tax returns, including the name of the financial institution where the Gold Silver Backed IRA was held. Review old bank statements. You can start by contacting your previous employers and plan administrators, the companies that managed the retirement plan, including any Gold Silver Backed IRA. Sometimes, you'll find that your retirement account is still there and it's still working as it is, and it's to be expected that its value will increase over time.

If you want, you can leave it there, even if you update the company with your current contact information so that it can inform you of any important changes. A traditional IRA can be considered unclaimed if it is not withdrawn before the age of 70 and a half; at which age not withdrawing it entails a 50% tax penalty. Both traditional and Roth IRAs can be considered abandoned if one or more distribution checks remain uncashed, which can occur when the owner turns 59 and a half years old or earlier, if early distributions are accepted.